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Update News: August 4, 2003 at 6:06 PM MT

It was a little odd changing the year on the date of the newest update from "1999" to "2003." I guess it's been a while since I've updated, to say the least. I haven't even really changed anything yet, but I'm announcing that I am going to completely redesign the site (I'm even going to start using a ready-made site editor rather than creating my own HTML script, since those editors have come so far in terms of their abilities since when I began this site), making it covering more than just Def Leppard and definitely making it more up-to-date and accessible (I'm looking at my own homepage and trying to figure out where anything is and having trouble, so I think that's a sign of some problems). So, for right now, all I'm really doing that you'll be able to see is changing this message.

You may wonder what this site will cover in addition to Def Leppard in its newest incarnation. Essentially, I am planning to make it a site for all of my favorite entertainment and have decided that since I am still getting a significant number of hits on this site and I still do have that "Top Def Leppard Sites that Rock" list that I will NOT eschew this site completely, which was my original plan. While the attention paid to everything else on the site, ranging from director Peter Weir to singer Alice Cooper to actor Kellie Martin to author Douglas Adams to my own poetry/stories/screenplays, will be limited by my scope (and my knowledge that I'm not going to be disciplined enough to keep up-to-date, as you may have noticed), I will try my best to do a MUCH better job of keeping the Def Leppard section up-to-date and will think of it at all times as rather a site unto itself rather than a section of "The Get Rocked Network." I actually planned to branch out into other music artists (The Fixx, Styx, Boston, Alice Cooper, Joshua Kadison, etc.) all those years ago when I actually ran this site regularly, but those plans kind of fell by the wayside with this site's updating. Now, I'm somewhat reviving them, adding much.

For you Leppard fans, what you can look for changing on the Leppard site itself is the following changes (organized by section):
Sounds: I will review these files to see which are any good and which are not. I will probably remove all .mid files in the interest of saving space, the .ra and .ram files will be removed due to their lack of quality and the difficulty in using them now, and the full song .mp2s and .mp3s (Is there anyplace else in the WORLD that still has .mp2s?) will be GONE in that same interest and due to their regular availability in the modern internet (as opposed to the archaic internet on which I built this site). Essentially, the .wav files will be about all that's left there due to the advent of P2P programs and their commonplacity.
Pictures: I will either completely remove this "section" (it's really just a dead link) or replace it with a "Wallpapers" section of desktop wallpapers I will make of Def Leppard (though I will have to admit to not using any of them since I've got one of Kellie Martin and that's just too beautiful a sight to remove it).
Vote: I like the survey section's concept, but I definitely need to reorganize it, so there will be a survey or vote section in some form, though there may be just one for the entire site instead of one for just Def Leppard.
Rock of Ages: I was lead to believe that the affiliate program at CDnow had ended, but the link still seems to work, so maybe I was mistaken. I have to look into that and decide whether I'll want to keep the "store" open. If I do, I will probably keep the name, but I'll even have to change my "favorite artists" list (to: 1. Def Leppard, 2. The Fixx, 3. Boston, 4. Styx, 5. Billy Joel), so it would seem a different store anyway and would cover the entire site.
The Top Def Leppard Sites that Rock: If this is still up and running, I'll leave it that way (it was never really meant to be tied to this site except that they were operated by the same person). If it's not, I won't replace it, because I have come to disdain these "Top Site Lists," even though they seem like they should be so fun.
Historia: I think I'll rename this (it's just too often used for band biographies on Leppard websites, and I like to be unique), and I will definitely rewrite the band biography, but one will definitely be available.
Euphoria: Obviously, this was essentially a "news" section and I may just include news on the mainpage, but I will definitely try to have news (and try to keep it from getting four years out of date this time).
Links: I'm not sure whether I want to have a "Links" section. That may just come down to whether or not I ever feel like making it.
Link to me: I had real fun with making the banners, but I just don't want to do it anymore. I also don't want to attempt to remain a tyrant about how people put up links to me and how I decide to whom I want to link. I'll link where I want, anyone who wants to link to me can go ahead, and anyone who does not want to link to me can still get linked from me from now on. I think it was really a bit jerkish of me to try to institute this kind of link exchange program and so I even feel like I should apologize for having done it.
GetRocked Mail: I still use my e-mail out here, and my mom's main e-mail address is here, too. Therefore, I will keep up the ZapZone e-mail. I think we still have a total of two members, so I'm guessing that none of you really is affected by this, and I really couldn't get rid of it if I wanted to, anyway.

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